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Release date: 

Europe: 24th July 2009

North America: 7th September 2009 

Nintendo Points: 700


With ColorZ, set forth in your spaceships on a mission to clean up virus-infested planets. Immerse yourself in a new gameplay experience that will reveal mind-hand-eye coordination skills you never knew you had!

Absorb viruses of your own color, but steer clear of the others. If you need to, you can cleverly merge your ships together to create new colors. Buzz past your enemies to keep your combo and clock up a new high-score record.

Explore an extra dimension to the game with the multi-player mode and share the unique experience of cooperative play between friends. Pool your forces, synchronize your movements, and become a unified team (of up to 3 players) to meet the challenge together!



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Exkee logo

ColorZ is a game by Exkee

Created in 2003 and based in Marseille (France), Exkee develops high quality and original console, PC and mobile games. Exkee is composed of creative and energetic talents focused on proposing the best concepts and gameplays to gamers and casuals. Thanks to an experienced managing team which has worked on a large variety of platforms and to efficient development processes, we have a track record of successful titles.

This expertise allows us to maintain a strong process control and short production timelines thanks to which we have been able to work with developers as Index Europe, In-Fusio, Visiware, I-Play and Bigben Interactive. But Exkee also caught opportunity to be an independent producer by self-editing games thanks to dematerialised distribution support such as Steam and WiiWare.